Learning Sessions

WildlifeUnite is the largest gathering of grassroots wildlife conservation advocates in the nation. To help movement leaders to share ideas, build their skills, and amplify their impact, the meeting includes dozens of concurrent learning sessions. These sessions include presentations, panel discussions, and workshops with leaders from around the nation and experts from across the conservation movement. Learning sessions will be held on the afternoons of June 9 and 10, 2022, in one-hour blocks running in concurrent tracks. Topics already under development for this year include:

  • Recruiting Business Voices for Environmental Advocacy
  • Rules of the Road for 501(c)(3) Organizations During Election Season
  • Community-based Programs to Deliver Equitable Energy-Efficiency
  • Indigenous Engagement: NWF Leadership Plans
  • and much more…
  • Leveraging Opinion Media
  • Building a Better Board of Directors
  • Building Civic Infrastructure: Wyoming Case Study
  • Local & State Action to Advance International Climate Safety & Equity
  • Federal Wildlife Policy Update

Check back for more details as the agenda develops!