Who should attend WildlifeUnite?

People from around the nation and across the wildlife conservation movement participate in WildlifeUnite. This conference is an unparalleled opportunity to network, build your skills, and get more deeply involved in the issues facing conservation.

The heart of our attendees are leaders from the National Wildlife Federation and our 52 affiliate organizations. We encourage every affiliate organization to make the conference available to your staff, board members, and other volunteers. This is a great opportunity to build your team’s engagement while also elevating the visibility of your organization’s work.

Of course, we also welcome partners in conservation to this conference! Our goal is to build power and strategic connections that help everyone who is working to ensure wildlife thrive in a changing world. If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to the affiliate in your state to learn more.

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WildlifeUnite 2023 will take place from June 21-24, 2023. Registration will begin in January 2023. Fill out the form below to get notified when registration is available!